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Erick Ruiz de Chavez

"Privacy on Mastodon"

Another great post from @webinista. Privacy is one of the things that sets Mastodon apart, but we should also be talking about the inherent challenges that come with federation.

Hacia años, pero muchos años, que no me ponía una camisa de franela 😮

Domingo tranquilo después de una noche de rico pozole y juegos 😋

I have some little postcard-sized prints of this left over from my Patreon rewards - if you'd like one, a signed print sent to you as a postcard, they're $3 (USD) each (which includes postage) - payment via PayPal, yell at me to snag one! :) #MastoArt #Mandala #CreativeToots

Hey everyone,

I'm new here. I am really looking foward to a nice microblogging expierience at mastodon. I am interested in programming, linux and open source, sports nerdy stuff in general.

#newhere #nerd #linux

Sunday Sillies -Wicked Wonderful Wordies - #wordplay #wordies

Idioms or common phrases (American/English) are represented by the position, shape or arrangement of words in or around a square.

Can you figure out this week's wordie? It would be wicked wonderful if you can.

Please use CW to submit your answers, thanks. Give everybody the chance to guess.

Hint: you decide (but please be kind)

Finito! All instances hosted by are now running v2.1.2 of Mastodon 🐘 instances upgrade to v2.1.2 Mostrar más

My position on content warnings ever since we added them:

Use them however you like yourself. Never tell anyone else what they should and shouldn't CW; if you don't like how they use/don't use them, unfollow/mute.

Alrighties, #Mastodon 2.1.2 is out:

- A heck ton of bug fixes
- Federation optimizations
- New statistics (weekly activity!)

@gizm0_0,, internetfreedomfestivalorg

At safetyfirst we run office hours online where you can come and ask questions or discuss all this

Anyone have advice for admining a slack community? Dealing with conflict, adopting and enforcing a code of conduct, etc??


OMG, los Rufles verdes son tan buenos!


Why quitting Twitter is hard Mostrar más

@nolan I feel you, although my top followers was around 1.5K.

Leaving Twitter is hard but I have found Mastodon very satisfying, and I've been here for only a few days.

Why quitting Twitter is hard Mostrar más

Why quitting Twitter is hard Mostrar más